Happy Accidents

"We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents"

-Bob Ross

Sometimes, the unexpected results can be surprising in the best way. On a recent flight leaving Hawaii I had a window seat and decided to play with my newest lens, the Canon 200mm f2.8L. I thought I might be able to get some interesting overhead shots of the islands from the plane. As I started shooting I was immediately disappointed. The window was incredibly grimy, and the bend of the glass was messing with the optics of the lens. Every single photo was washed out and super soft. I kept shooting anyways, my other lenses were tucked away in the overhead storage and I was stuck in my seat. 

When I made it back home and had time to look over the photos, I was pleasantly surprised by the resulting photos. Yes, they are soft, and I definitely had to add some contrast in post, but the images remind me of vintage postcards. Happy accident indeed, even though the images weren't as expected. 

Honolulu and valleys of Oahu from the air. Copyright 2015 Lauren Shelzam

Pastel island colors, part of Oahu. Copyright 2015 Lauren Shelzam 

Passing the cloud shrouded island of Moloka'i. Copyright 2015 Lauren Shelzam